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All my love, Agnes December 16, 1972 Dear John: Oh! They are just darling but I must insist, you've been too kind. There's bird poop all over the house and they never stop the racket.

I don't deserve such generosity, three French hens.

'When you have a profession where you worked your whole life to really obtain something in that level of success…when you go into that environment where everyone else is not lined up with the way you believe and the way you think…after time, the stress could probably wear on you,' Williams told KCAL-TV.

'I don’t think (that justifies) someone going out and killing anyone because they're stressed out at work.

Agnes December 23, 1972 You rotten prick: Now there's ten ladies dancing.

Makes you wonder if the police even knew what they were doing,' resident Shannon Schroepfer said.

When he learns that his mother can no longer afford to keep him in school he and his friends start their own escort service, Cougars, Inc., to help pay for his tuition.

Through this hilarious new job Sam and his friends explore the generation of Cougars who are desperately trying to stay young and loving every lesson they are taught.

When Spence and Hogan graduate from college, life is bleak.

They have to work for heinous divorce lawyers that torture them.

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