Dads rules dating his daughter

From the sound of things, you and your wife arranged access between yourselves, and you have voluntarily given more than the CMS recommended amount of Maintenance For Your Child (for one child it’s set at 17% of net income) for as long as possible, and even now you adhere to the CMS guidelines.

Since the access arrangement is apparently between yourselves, then the negotiations are whatever you work out between the two of you, really.

She now wants to reduce my access to ensure that I will have the children less than 104 nights per year.

Is she allowed to do this or am I better off going to court to gain access, bearing in mind that I cannot have custody of them during the week?

I deny / am unsure that I am the father of this child and so do not owe any child support.

The courts have not adjudicated on this matter and I was not married to the child's mother at any point between the child's conception and birth.

I am willing to take a DNA test to settle the issue.

June is dating her ex, Mark Mc Daniel, who was released in March after serving 10 years in prison for forcing a girl to perform oral sex on him.

Anna Cardwell -- who is now 20 and married with a child -- believed her mom earlier today that she was not dating the man who molested her.

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We're told Anna feels her relationship with her mom has been destroyed, and the only way June can see her granddaughter is if Mc Daniel is nowhere to be seen.

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