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“Life is a Brand,” my main site, is not a review site, so I have set up this independent space because I would be remiss if I didn’t warn my readers, some of you in the domain industry but most of you ordinary people who may own a domain or two for a business or personal site.and some pertinent details about them because they are all related and are discussed in this posting (This is long, but this info shows some definite connections among these companies.I have whois screenshots, current as of 30 June 2014, for most of these links.): A domain name warehouse that “buys” expired domain names from registrars and then parks them for ad revenue.When queried by former registrants, NVS offers to sell them back (at extortionate prices) or auctions them off on the aftermarket.A good thing about Travel scammers is that they are very easy to detect if any .We would recommend the same due diligence checks to detect them.Some of these scams are cleverly disguised as “truth” backed up by “research” or “personal testimony” such as message board posts, links and comments from people who are posing as if they are “regular people” who just want to pass on their positive experience with a particular product or service.

Many people are desperate to find anything that might reduce or eliminate herpes symptoms – and fall for herpes treatment scams and herpes cure scams.Only this time, this lady supposedly does not speak English and does not have access to Internet at all, so she is using services of some Translation Agency or Internet Agency to help her with her correspondence.The scammers (who play both the lady and the translation agency) milk all men interested in correspondence with this lady for money for translation services for as long as possible.You will also learn why all product claims of being “clinically proven” need to be taken with a large grain of salt.] Prior to introducing Dynamiclear, Global Herbal Supplies, an Australia-based company that makes and markets herbal remedies, manufactured and marketed a single-application topical herpes treatment called “Choraphor.” In July 2006, the FDA issued a warning letter to the marketers of Choraphor (Global Herbal Supplies) due to their practice of making false and misleading marketing claims about Choraphor.At the time that this warning letter was written, Global Herbal Supplies was the main worldwide marketer and distributor of Choraphor.

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Also, some people and some sites – post both good information and bad information or sponsored information that is not identified as such. Here are some of the most common Herpes Scams Please note that there are many other bogus STD treatments that the FDA might have wanted to include on this list, but were unable to include or enforce because of various factors, such as: the companies were not physically located within the United States, or their locations were unclear, or the websites that made the false claims about the product could not be easily traced back to the company that made it. [*Note: This company is recently in the process of improving their websites and marketing materials in response to criticisms and complaints about deceptive and misleading marketing practices.

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