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A takeaway customer was left stunned after being told to 'get off her a***' when she complained to a burger restaurant that it had taken an hour to deliver her order.Hanna's Gourmet Burgers, in Hull, East Yorkshire, also wrote 'f*** you' to Emma Moran on Facebook after she posted a one-star review.You redirect your Internet data through the Open DNS servers and they will block all of the bad stuff for you.The original Open DNS, which is free for personal use, allows you to customize a number of settings so that you can personalize your filtering needs.Open DNS first launched back in 2005 as a free way to filter web content.Unlike browser add-on filters, Open DNS works at the foundational level.Here it is: Anonymizers: These sites allow you to browse the Internet and access content anonymously.

The spokesperson explained: 'Through the use of social media we are increasingly finding 'freeloaders' who want to complain about food'We also live in an era of people craving increasing significance of which such mediums (social media) can give instant gratification, lying is second nature for these people to get what they want.'When I occasionally come across such individuals I show them up for exactly what they are 'freeloading whiners'.

The Open DNS Family Shield settings are optimized by the Open DNS team to maximize coverage of all the nasty things that you might come across on the Internet.

They keep these settings up-to-date and the filters are ever-changing, so you don’t have to worry about maintaining anything.

Gambling: Access to online gambling such as casinos and any other online services that let you place bets.

Chat: Where you chat in real time to people you don’t know.

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