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Partner abuse is a systematic pattern of behaviors where one person non-consensually uses power to try to control the thoughts, beliefs, actions, body, and/or spirit of a partner.* Partner abuse is also called domestic violence, battering, intimate partner violence, and/or dating abuse. It crosses all social, ethnic, racial, age, and economic lines.

*By “partner,” we are referring to a range of intimate relationships including but not limited to play partner; date; primary, secondary, or other non-monogamous partner; spouse; sexual partner; boyfriend/girlfriend; boo; hookup; life partner; lover.There is police activity in most outdoor cruising areas and reports of arrests on 20th and 21st Street in Manhattan near the former Spike/Eagle.Where a heterosexual couple making out in a car might get a rap on the steamed-up windows two guys are much more likely to face arrest: according to the NY Times gay men are 400 times more likely to be arrested than heterosexuals. Some of the fun gay bars were closed by a city administration that didn't like fun. But there are signs that things are changing again.The AVP, the New York City Gay & Lesbian Anti-Violence Project, has a 24 hour hotline on 212-714-1141, plus counselling and other resources for victims of antigay violence, domestic abuse and other crime, as well as terrific tips for dating online and off.The number of arrests for 'lewd activity' has tripled over the last three years, all but a handful were men.

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