Gmail backdating email

Hit the "Save" button if Gmail hasn't already "autosaved" the draft.

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Note: It’s highly recommended you install the Notepad text editor as it will make this process much easier to complete, being that it inserts a right-click context menu entry so you can edit files quickly and easily.

He asked me if it is possible to send an email using a past date stamp. today is October 17, 2011 and he want to send an email showing October 1st. IIf sending an email with past date stamp is not an option, is it possible to 'edit' an email and modify it's time stamp?

Just click "Set custom time" from the Compose view.

(I don't recall for sure but there may have been a few times there and only the one was funny - which makes sense).

If the former then you could, would be a funny project.

note- I don't recall if the spam one I got was a future one that stuck as new, or a past one that stuck as the first email. Barlop said "But the email client used the funny one." I've seen Thunderbird do just that -- display the date/time from the sender's system -- but Gmail on the web, as well as many other sites, don't use the same header field.

But the email client used the funny [email protected] Labs so following on from ^^ comment.. but in those instances, but for just the email client or web interface to pick up the wrong date/time is not impossible.

OK for a prank on somebody that doesn't know to check headers. I don't know whether it takes the time from the SMTP server or the POP server receiving..

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