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The Head Teacher supported them and they were able to take the following actions, during the course of a year at school. Before they started their activities the names in the registers of the school put the boys’ names at the top.They spoke to the Head Teacher and called for this to be changed, now the names are in alphabetical order.

There is 10000 of adorable Muslim brides and good looking grooms profile with 100% intimacy.• Students made posters, on gender equality, including female infanticide that went up around the school.• Boys as well as girls now give prayer in assembly, previously only girls were asked to do this task.The stereotyping of a 28-year-old unwed female was clear. A regular day at home starts with mother blaming father for not getting his daughter married. My neighbours who watch me tie my shoe laces daily when I get ready to go for a jog seem to murmur: She is overweight, thats the reason why she is not married yet.Wishing for a time when men sit down and perform vrata for marriage.

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In their own words: “Women are exploited and discriminated both inside and outside their homes…the murder of an innocent girl in our local polytechnic college serves as a reminder that our society need a drastic transformation.” They decided to take action in their school, as they believe change starts with education.

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